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We approach everyone’s skin individually, creating bespoke treatment programmes. We focus on your entire skin health to give you your best skin today, tomorrow and every day.


Acne, a common and multifaceted skin condition that affects people of all ages, can be comprehensively tackled by delving into its underlying causes, symptoms, treatment choices and preventative measures.

Age Management

At the D.Thomas Clinic, we believe in celebrating the natural ageing process and empowering everyone to embrace their unique beauty at every stage.

Our focus is on maintaining the health and strength of the skin, rather than trying to turn back the clock. That’s why we choose to use the terms ‘age management’ or ‘skin health’ instead of the limiting label ‘anti-ageing’. Every skin type and age is beautiful and deserving of the best care. That’s why we prioritise age management – it’s all about keeping your skin in the best condition possible as you navigate the natural journey of ageing.


Visible veins, most commonly broken capillaries, are small blood vessels that have become dilated and visible, often appearing as red or purple lines on the skin.


Pigmentation refers to the natural colouration of the skin. There are two main types of pigmentation: hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation.

Roseaca, Redness & Sensitivity

Rosacea, redness and skin sensitivity are three different conditions that may present similar symptoms but can affect the skin in various ways.

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Did you know that hydration and moisurisation target different aspects of your skin health?

Knowing their differences can help you make informed decisions about which products and ingredients you need for healthy, glowing skin!

💡 Expert Tip: hydration is essential for every skin type (yes, even oily!) as your skin cannot hydrate itself, whereas moisture is naturally produced by your skin’s sebum. Typically, only drier and dehydrated skin types require external help for proper moisturisation.

– Hydrating ingredients: hyaluronic acid, polyglutamic acid, glycerin, sodium pca, mandelic acid
– Moisturising ingredients: ceramides, fatty acids, squalane, jojoba oil

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Just glowy skin

Absolutely the ONLY clinic I would recommend for skin treatments in London – every single experience and there has been a fair few has been out of this world with very long-lasting results. 5 star !!!

Dani G

Not a scratch of makeup, just glowy skin. Two days post facial at D.Thomas Clinic, my skin is feeling so fresh and clean

Tayah V

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