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Meet Debbie Thomas, the visionary founder of the D.Thomas Clinic. With over two decades of expertise in skin and laser treatments, Debbie’s innovative approach and commitment to holistic skincare sets her apart. Experience transformative results with Debbie at the helm of your journey to radiant skin.


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Debbie Thomas

Drawing upon more than two decades of experience in the beauty and holistic health industry, Debbie Thomas’s unwavering passion for promoting well-being through health and wellness has propelled her to become an authority in understanding the science behind problematic skin.

Reflecting on her personal battle with adult acne, Debbie discovered that relying solely on face masks and soothing spa music fell short of addressing the root causes. It was through this realisation that she gained a comprehensive understanding of the profound impact skin confidence has on overall well-being.

Making a


Driven by a genuine desire to make a lasting impact on her clients, Debbie Thomas has crafted a revolutionary technique that combines her extensive skin knowledge with a holistic treatment philosophy. Known as the ‘DNA method’, this exceptional approach seamlessly blends state-of-the-art high-science skincare treatments with the indulgent experience of a luxury skin and laser clinic. The transformative power of Debbie’s method has not only earned her the well-deserved reputation as the ‘London laser queen’ and ‘skin whisperer’, but it has also changed the lives of countless individuals. 

Emphasising the uniqueness of each client’s skin, Debbie firmly believes in steering clear of a one-size-fits-all approach, drawing from invaluable lessons acquired during her time working alongside skincare luminary Ole Henriksen in both LA and Notting Hill.

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At the D.Thomas Clinic, our commitment extends beyond providing exceptional treatments and services. Debbie, together with her dedicated team, cultivates a welcoming and serene environment where clients can feel at ease and confident in the hands of true experts. Embracing a holistic approach, Debbie leads by example, embracing a healthy, vegan, and eco-conscious lifestyle alongside her husband and co-founder of D.Thomas Clinic, Richard Weare, and their beloved dogs. Understanding the profound impact of diet and well-being on skin health, she prioritises the use of cruelty-free products and practices what she passionately advocates.

Our ethos at the D.Thomas Clinic is rooted in honesty and integrity. We take great pride in delivering treatments and services of the highest quality, ensuring our clients receive an efficacious and rejuvenating experience that surpasses their expectations. Debbie’s unwavering commitment to excellence has garnered her the trust and loyalty of high-profile clientele and key press who appreciate the exceptional expertise and care we provide throughout their transformative journey.

“The skin whisperer and laser queen”

Step into the world of the D.Thomas Clinic, where your path to radiant, healthy skin begins under the expert guidance of our dedicated and passionate team, led by the visionary Founder, Debbie Thomas.

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