Samira Mohamed

I developed acne in my mid-20s, an incredibly distressing experience that greatly affected my confidence. I tried numerous over-the-counter and prescription products, hoping for a solution, but unfortunately, none effectively addressed my concerns or provided lasting results. Amidst this ongoing search, I did, however, understand the importance of practising self-care and kindness towards myself and my skin.

Then came a turning point in my journey when I joined the team at D.Thomas Clinic. It was here that I unlocked the key to achieving a harmonious balance for my skin through our DNA method of layering techniques, personalised treatments and products carefully tailored to my specific needs. As a result, I have witnessed a remarkable reduction in my acne scarring, while also acquiring a wealth of knowledge about skincare along the way. Today, I am honoured and proud to extend this transformative skincare advice to clients at D.Thomas Clinic, armed with a curated selection of handpicked products. It brings me great satisfaction to offer guidance based on my own experiences, knowing firsthand the positive impact it can have on one’s skin and overall well-being.