Cindy Damianou Laser Skin Therapist D.Thomas Clinic

Natalia Vasilyeva

From the moment I entered the world, my skin presented me with challenges that would shape my future. Born with a form of Rosacea, my early years were marked by countless visits to local skin clinics, seeking relief and answers. These experiences ignited a flame within me, a desire not just for personal healing but for deeper knowledge and understanding of skin health. The vibrant energy and sense of hope that filled these clinics left an indelible mark on my young mind. By the age of 14, although unsure of the path ahead, I was certain of one thing: my future was intertwined with the world of skincare.

Fast forward to today, and my journey has taken a new turn as I navigate the early signs of ageing. This evolution in my skin’s needs has only deepened my passion and commitment to skincare. At the D.Thomas Clinic, I’ve found a place where my early aspirations and current endeavours converge. Here, I’m not just a therapist; I’m a testament to the transformative power of expert, compassionate care combined with cutting-edge treatments.