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Embark on a personalised skin journey by booking a bespoke consultation at D.Thomas Clinic. Our experienced team of laser skin therapists is here to guide you every step of the way. 

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Welcome to the D.Thomas Clinic, where your journey to radiant, healthy skin begins under the guidance of our skilled and passionate team, led by the visionary Founder, Debbie Thomas. Nestled in the heart of London’s Chelsea, our luxurious clinic offers an extensive array of treatments and services meticulously designed to unlock your skin’s true potential.

At the D.Thomas Clinic, we prioritise the individual. As a first-time client, we warmly welcome you to our clinic for a personalised, one-on-one consultation. During this session, either Debbie or one of our expert skin therapists will carefully assess your skin and engage in a detailed conversation about your unique concerns and lifestyle. 

This deep understanding is essential for us to craft a bespoke treatment plan tailored precisely to your needs, ensuring the optimal results you desire. Rest assured, our unwavering commitment is to deliver the transformative outcomes that will leave your skin health in its best condition.

To ensure the utmost effectiveness of your consultation, we kindly request that you prepare a comprehensive list of your current skincare products and any past experiences, both positive and negative, with particular formulations. 

Additionally, we kindly ask you to provide us with your detailed medical history, including a record of medications or non-medicated supplements you are presently taking, as well as relevant lifestyle information. 

During your consultation, a mandatory patch test will be conducted, particularly for treatments such as lasers and peels. This legal requirement ensures your safety by minimising the risk of any adverse reactions. Please note that the patch test must be completed at least 48 hours before your first treatment.

Consultations typically last for 45 minutes, and the cost of the consultation can be redeemed against any future treatments of £100 + booked at the D.Thomas Clinic (excluding consultations with Debbie*). 

Take the first step towards healthy, happy skin by booking your appointment today. 

Contact us via telephone at 020 7118 9000, email us at info@dthomas.com or start the online booking process below.

We operate a strict 48 hour cancellation and no show policy.  Please visit our full  *Terms and Conditions.


Media & Press Enquiries

For all media, press, brand opportunities and questions, please contact Becky Knowles at Knowles Communications – becky@beckyknowles.com

The whole team was very professional

Book a consultation with Debbie Thomas. She’s one of the top therapists in the field of laser treatments. She was very helpful and gave me unbiased advice on the best way forward for my needs.  The whole team was very professional

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