Intense Pulsed



Designed to deliver

targeted wavelengths

of light

Improve skin health

Strengthen your skin barrier for less reactivity and sensitivity

Calm inflammation

Reduce areas of inflammation and lesions for a clearer complexion

Blitz breakouts

Stimulates porphyrins and reduces oil production to improve breakouts

Reduce pigmentation

Melanin in pigmented areas is destroyed, to eventually flake or fade away for a more even toned complexion

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Our IPL treatment is designed to deliver targeted wavelengths of light to the skin, addressing specific skin concerns and stimulating the body’s regeneration processes.
We achieve this by using different filters to target different skin concerns, allowing us to focus on problem areas and improve a variety of specific issues. For example, if you are experiencing redness, we would use an orange filter to target that specific concern. If you are struggling with pigmentation, we would use an orange filter as well to target that specific issue. Acne can be targeted using a blue filter, while skin rejuvenation can be achieved with a yellow filter. By utilizing these different filters, we can effectively address specific skin concerns in different layers of the skin, promoting overall skin health and quality by boosting collagen production, improving texture and tone, and enhancing the skin’s natural radiance.

Targeted action for your skin

Different IPL filters can be used to target or stimulate specific concerns on your face, or on targeted areas such as specific spots. IPL sensations are often compared to the feeling of a rubber band flicking your face.

IPL can effectively soften and reduce the appearance of a wide range of skin concerns, including brown spots, fine lines, wrinkles, thread veins, freckles, rosacea, acne, and age pigmentation spots. In addition, IPL can also be used as a maintenance treatment for healthy skin, helping to slow down the visible signs of photo-ageing from appearing in the first place.



One pass | 10 minutes


Double pass | 25 minutes


Triple pass | 40 minutes



One pass | 10 minutes


Double pass | 25 minutes


Triple pass | 40 minutes


Start your

skin health


Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments do I need?

For best results, the D.Thomas Clinic recommends at least 3-6 IPL treatments every 2-4 weeks depending on your individual skin concern.

Is a consultation required for this treatment?

Before proceeding with your first IPL treatment, you will require a consultation with one of the D.Thomas Clinic laser skin experts so we can create a personalised treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs and concerns. This ensures that you receive the most suitable treatment plan for your skin.


What is IPL good for?

IPL is a versitile treatment that can be used on most skin types and is ideal for a wide range of skin concerns including sun damage, inflamed and reactive skin. It also helps improve skin tone and stimulates collagen.


Can IPL be carried out in the summer months?

It will depend on the your individaul exposure to the sun during this time.


process and technologies

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Equipment we use

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Express treatments that are specially formulated to provide a range of benefits to the skin, either in specific areas or overall, without requiring significant downtime.

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