Thicker, stronger

and more even-toned skin

Even out skin tone

Reduce and even out existing pigmentation

Smooth skin texture

Soften and minimise the appearance of scars and even texture skin

Plump and firm

Kickstart dormant collagen and esastin to smooth skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles

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Microneedling involves the deliberate infliction of controlled skin injury, as ultra-fine needles are used to create micro-wounds that encourage the stimulation of collagen, elastin and blood circulation.

Through the activation of the body’s natural healing process, the damaged area initiates a process of regeneration. The growth of new skin cells leads to a thicker, stronger and more-even toned skin, thus resulting in a smoother and plumper appearance. During and after the microneedling treatment, the application of products such as mesotherapy solutions can be utilised to take advantage of the micro-channels in the skin, allowing for a deeper and more effective penetration of the solution.


Smooth, even skin

Throughout the D.Thomas Clinic Microneedling treatment, our device will be gently passed across the targeted area, creating micro-wounds within the skin that instigate a restorative process, stimulating improved blood circulation, as well as new collagen and cell production. Taking full advantage of these micro-channels, we carefully select and apply bespoke mesotherapy ingredients to your skin to meet your unique needs. The micro-wounds offer deep pathways, allowing active ingredients to permeate the challenging layers of your skin, leading to more enhanced results. This powerful combination leads to healthier, more resilient skin, while also reducing the appearance of textural issues like mild acne scarring, fine lines, enlarged pores, and pigmentation.



Essential | 25 minutes


Complete | 40 minutes